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Technical Reports

A guide to technical reports: what they are, where they come from, how to find them

Government Agencies

Many technical reports are published by government agencies. Listed below are some major technical report collections and search engines.

Other Technical Report Sources

Get Copies of Technical Reports

Many technical reports are issued by government agencies and can often be found for free on the web. The sources listed on this page can be used to search for reports and many of these databases have the full text reports.

Technical reports are often identified by a report number incorporating the acronym for the agency. This report number is often the most useful piece of information to help you find a report. For example, if you found a citation to the report below you would know it's a NASA report because of the report number: NASA-TM-80038. You could then go the the NASA Technical Report Server and look for the report. Similarly, a report number including the acronym DOE is from the Department of Energy.

image of citation from NASA Technical Report Server

HINT: Try searching for the report number in Google or Google Scholar. Many times the report will turn up.

If you cannot find a copy of the report you need, use Document Delivery. Provide as much information as possible on the form including the report number, title, author, date, agency name, etc.