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This is a guide in support of certain majors and departments in the College of Science: Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics, and Physics & Astronomy. Biological Sciences, Computer Science and Kinesiology have separate guides


GeoRef Look for "Georef" on the Databases list. Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, and staff have access to this product, which includes indexing of journals, reports, dissertations, and other publications in the geosciences. Publications on North American Geology are covered from 1785 to the present, and other areas of the world since 1933.


USGS - United States Geological Survey Starting point for the wealth of information found on the various USGS web pages.

U.S. Geological Survey Library In addition to serving the research needs of USGS scientists, the library provides information to other organizations and individuals in the areas of geology, hydrology, cartography, biology, and related fields.

California Geological Survey Geological information, maps of seismic hazard zones, mineral resources, selected articles and tables of contents from California Geology magazine, State Mining & Geology Board.