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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide defines OER, provides resources for locating and using OERs, and gives an overview of the Cal Poly Pomona Affordable Learning Initiative (ALI) program.


1. College Open Textbooks (

  • A collection of colleges, governmental agencies, education non-profits, and other education-related organizations that are focused on the mission of driving the awareness and advocacy for open textbooks.
  • Provides training for instructors seeking to utilize open educational resources.

2. Make Textbooks Affordable (

  • Aims to develop a textbook market with both a vibrant used book market and a plethora of learning content that is priced and sold fairly.
  • Provides latest news, studies and solutions on cost of college textbooks; advocacy opportunities for professors (Open Textbooks Statement!) and students.
  • The textbook rebellion petition is also available here.

3. Cape Town Open Education Declaration


  • A statement of principle, of strategy and of commitment to spark dialogue, to inspire action, and to help the open education movement grow.
  • Its purpose is to also develop further strategies, especially around open technology and teaching practices.

4. Open Education Community


  • Gateway to information about the open education movement and Open Educational Resources.
  • Intended for anyone interested in open education, the site provides links to resources, organizations, events, people, and more.

5. The Hewlett Foundation (

  • Funds grants for Open Educational Resources since 2006.
  • Provides resources and also makes their funded OER proposals publicly available.

6. OER Support from SPARC  (​)

  • SPARC®, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, is an international alliance of academic and research libraries working to correct imbalances in the scholarly publishing system.  
  • This page highlights SPARC's early work in supporting OER

7. Open Knowledge Foundation  (

Additional Resources

Password: OER from Laura Rachfalski on Vimeo.
Why Open Education Matter?