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IGE - Rationalism, Revelation and Enlightenment: The Ancient World

Welcome to the IGE 121 Research Guide!

Use the tabs above to help you locate the encyclopedia articles, books, articles, and websites you'll need for your research projects. 

Below are some some pilgrimage sites and other sacred spaces that have been assigned in the past. 

  • Pantheon in Rome
  • Temple of Athena in Athens
  • Ganges River
  • Oracle at Delphi
  • Himalayan Pilgrimage
  • Temple of Karnak in Egypt                                   
  • Japanese temples in Kyoto
  • Mayan temple at Chiapas
  • Hindu Temples
  • Buddhist shrines in China
  • Mecca  
  • Temple to the Divine Hadrian
  • Temple in Jerusalem
  • Basilica of St. Peter
  • Vrindavan shrine in India
  • Jain Hashtinapur temple
  • Mithraea in Rome or Ostia
  • Christian Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity
  • Christian Catacombs
  • Ateshgah Zoroasrian Temple
  • Kami Cults in Japan          

 Theater at Delphi                     Ateshgah Fire Temple                                Image Source                               Image Source 

Temple at Chiapas                    Karnak
Image Source                                  Image Source