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HRT 338 Information Technology for the Hospitality Industry

This guide will help you learn more about the role of information technology in the hospitality industry through the use of peer-reviewed research articles, professional conferences, and high quality websites.


Welcome! To get started right away, use the links and search boxes on this page.

For information about this course, please contact Dr. Don St. Hilaire in the Collins College of Hospitality Management.


Welcome to this research guide! If you are off campus, many of the resources featured here require that you login with your Bronco name and password.

Recommended Sources from Professor St. Hilaire

To use many of the sources below, you will need to have a library password. To set up your library password, follow these instructions.

Sample Sources about Social Media

The use of Social Media in the hospitality industry is a key topic of the course –consequently academic and non academic postings related to the hospitality industry will be included.

Sample Sources about Online Education

The role of online education in the hospitality industry is another topic area for this course.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's search engine for high quality, scholarly sources. To optimize your search process, link your Google Scholar search results to the library's full-text databases.

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