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University Library

Pokemon Go AR Library Orientation

Point your phone at each image

dots with pokeball

If you followed all the steps correctly, then you will see the dancing dots appear when you open Aurasma. When you see the dancing dots, point your phone at the trigger image (the Pokemon), and a video should appear.


Tip: Once the video starts to play, you can tap the screen of your device to force the video to full-screen so you don't have to continue to point your device at the trigger image, allowing you to walk away from the Pokemon to watch the video in a comfy setting.


*Watch each video until the end, as each video will unlock the next clue. Once you've determined the answer to the clue go to the next location.*



Start your adventure!

To get started students should make their way to the first floor or the second floor of the library to scan the introduction image which is a poke ball (See below). Open the Aurasma app and point the dancing dots at the Pokeball. A video will appear to start your adventure!








Where can I start the Pokemon Go AR Library Orientation?

First floor location


first floor pokestop


Second floor location


Second Floor Pokestop