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Finding Masters Theses and Dissertations in Kinesiology

Finding Masters Theses in Kinesiology

thesesThe word thesis (plural: theses) usually means the large research paper written to attain a masters degree, though some institutions call their masters level papers "dissertations" which is the usual term of such a paper at the doctoral level.

1. Use the links on this page to find masters theses in Kinesiology done here at Cal Poly Pomona. These are (almost) all hard bound paper versions housed here in the library building.

2. Use the database OregonPDF to get full text for theses and dissertations for Kinesiology. Items with a masters degree abbreviation (M.S., M.A., etc.) are for masters level work. Items not already in PDF format can be requested to be converted to PDF and will be converted and made available within 24 hours.

3. You can use the database Dissertations & Theses (Proquest) to read online versions of some of the non Cal Poly masters theses and dissertations published in the area of kinesiology.  Click here to go a page that has a link to it.

Once you have started up the database:
[A] Type kinesiology OR physical education OR sports medicine in the first search box.

[B] Add subject terms in the next search box(es). (Here we are using the term "areobics").

[C] Click on the "Full Text" check box


[D] Click on the "Master's theses" check box.

[E] Click on the Search button

[F] You can use the Doctoral Dissertations check box for Dissertations

Screenshot of the search screen of Dissertations & Theses: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection
When you get a list of results - the "Citation/Abstract" will give you a summary of the thesis.  Use the "Full Text-PDF" link to read a copy of the whole thesis.  
Screen shot of a results listing (the results of a search)
The Fine Print:  The above search method 3 where you use the database Dissertations & Theses (Proquest) is an approximate method for narrowing the search down to kinesiology subjects - it is possible to get items that are not relevant to the field with this search.  Also, some institutions did not allow the digitizing of their thesis, so some are not available in full text.  Also, keep in mind that these theses are on the subjects of interest to kinesiology, but they may not be from a kinesiology department.