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Useful resources for your "Who Is It?" assignment

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Search Strategies

Evaluate Your Sources!

Check if the information that you found is good. Start with the ABCDEs of Evaluating Information, or with the "CRAAP" Test:

A = Author

B = Bias

C = Content

D = Date

E = Evidence

C = Currency

R = Relevancy

A = Authority

A = Accuracy

P = Purpose

Cite Your Sources!

Citing sources:

  • Gives credit to the creators of the information that you used in your papers, presentations, and projects
  • Adds credibility to your argument or assertions
  • Helps you avoid committing plagiarism
  • Shares the sources you found with other researchers

Below are some useful websites to help you format your sources correctly.

Tools for creating one or a few quick citations:

Examples and guidance for APA, MLA, and CSE styles: