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PLS 1011: Introduction to Political Science

This research guide is here for you to use with your PLS 1011 class assignment(s). Here you can find curated resources from the University Library that will be most helpful with your research. 

Accessing Articles through the University Library Catalog

Here are some tips for looking for articles in the library catalog aka OneSearch. If you have the article title or author, you can put either one in the search bar found on the homepage of the University Library website. I will use the following article as an example:

Sophie Schuit, & Jon C. Rogowski. (2017). Race, Representation, and the Voting Rights Act. American Journal of Political Science, 61(3), 513-526.

Entering in the title and clicking on search, the catalog came up with the following sources:

The article that we are looking is the first item in our search. Note the icon that says "Peer Reviewed." Whenever you are looking for reliable articles, this is a good indicator that the article is coming from a reputable source. You can click on the article to see the article information/ record. NOTE: Just because an article has the "peer-reviewed" icon, does not indicate that the article is indeed peer-reviewed. It simply means that the article is in a peer-reviewed journal. You will still need to look closely at the article to see if it has the characteristics of a peer-reviewed article such as a methods section, references, literature review, etc.

As you can see from the article record, the article is available in two different databases. You can click on either one to access the article. You may be prompted to login to you library account using your Bronco ID and password. Once you are in the databases and can access the article, you may be able to view it on the website or download it as a PDF. Database options can vary.


There are other tools on this page that can help you. If you click on "Citation" the site can provide you with a citation in a wide array of formats. I would recommend double checking this to make sure it is correct. You can also email yourself a link to the record as a way of saving an article you found during your search. If you are signed into your library account, you can click on the push pin symbol that will also save the article in your account.

Political Science Databases

If you would like a more narrowed search, here are a few databases that are subject specific to Political Science and eBooks. To access you will have to sign into your library account (Bronco ID & password).

You can also access databases from the University Library homepage. On the right-hand side you will see "Databases" under the featured links.