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Physics & Astronomy

How to Find Articles in Library Databases

Using Databases for Research

A brief tutorial to help you find articles on a particular subject by utilizing our A-Z Database Resource.

1. To find articles on a particular subject, search one or more of the databases on our Databases Page. You can get to it via the Library Home Page in the "Featured Links" section on the right side of the page.

Databases Link on the Library Homepage

2. Once at the databases page: If you need guidance in choosing a database, click on an appropriate subject category. Keep in mind that some of the other subjects might also be useful to your topic.

Otherwise, if you know the name of the database you want, click on the first letter of its name in the alphabetical listing towards the top.

Library databases A-Z


3. A database product will have one or more search boxes where you can type your search term(s),  An advanced search screen will usually have multiple boxes with the and / or operators.

There may be other options for searching such as filters for peer reviewed, review articles, empirical articles, range of dates, etc.

There may also be specialized filters for particular types of subject matter.


Screen shot of Ebsco Biological Abstracts search form


4. After you do a search in the database, look at the results screen very carefully. Full Text icons and notations are very important. If there is any full text icon or notation (as in number 23) near an item you want, click on that to get a copy of the article that you can read right on the screen.


5. Using "Find It!

If there is no full text icon or notation (as is the case for number 24) click on the "Find It!" button.

The "Find It!" button can look like these icons

Screenshot of search results from Biological Abstacts database

6. Find It! will connect you to OneSearch, and OneSearch will present View It! or Get It! options for the full text article.

View It option in OneSearch
7. If there are no full text options, there will be a link to Document Delivery. Use it to get a copy of the item. Get It option, for Document Delivery, in OneSearch

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