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Copy of Copy of Digital Signage Policy

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Digital Services & Technology Librarian

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Alyssa Loera
Digital Services & Technology Librarian, Co-Coordinator for the Affordable Learning Initiative, Subject liaison to Art, Music, Theatre & New Dance.

Email to chat or to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Purpose & Terms of Use

Purpose of the Digital Signage:

  • Provides a space to publicize library events, services, resources, space and any other items of interest.
  • Other campus groups may be permitted to submit signage to designated LCD screens pending review of content and appropriateness of said content.
  • Library digital signage is not intended for promotion of commercial events or services.

Terms of Use for Digital Signage

Any campus or library entities submitting images, movies, or any other media items for the library digital signage agree to our terms. The library reserves the right to:

  • Limit the amount of signs displayed for any one event.
  • Limit the amount of signs associated with any one entity or group.
  • Limit the amount of time that one sign may be displayed in each viewing.
  • Determine the screens on which the signs will be displayed.
  • Deny content that violates the purpose of the digital signage, contains references to alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs, contains sexist or discriminatory language or images, or contains offensive language.

Approval Process

  1. Alyssa Loera will be the final approval level for all material posted on the LCD screen.  In Alyssa's absence, Emma Gibson will take on this role. Once the content is approved, the systems department will upload the content to the relevant screens.
  2. Before reaching the final approval level, all requests for posting on the LCD screen, pre-approval must be obtained from the following people/departments:
    1. Library Office announcements:  Dean Wang and Kim Allen
    2. Julie Shen for Reference and Instruction announcements
    3. Emma Gibson for all Public Services announcements
    4. Katie Richardson for all Special Collection announcements
  3. The Priority for posting information on the LCD is as follows:
    1. Priority #1: Events or activities occurring within the University Library, library services, announcements or collection highlights
    2. Priority #2: Library sponsored or library-involved events and services
    3. Priority #3: Learning Resource Center or Writing Center
    4. Priority #4: Public Affairs announcements
    5. Priority #5: Academic Affairs announcements routed through the Dean
    6. There will be no paid advertising
    7. University/Library Safety/Emergency announcements will always be given top priority
  4. In the absence of announcements or when appropriate in combination with announcements, the following sequences of images will be rotated on different LCD screens (pending the plan for each of the screens or appropriateness of content for the LCD’s placement in the library):
    1. Virtual Library Tour
    2. Arabian Horse Library footage & documents
    3. Library hours & Twitter, Facebook, and askNOW information
    4. Library tutorials (i.e. Self Check Out, Writing a Paper, Finding Citations, Using Media)
    5. Special collections currently on display in the library
    6. Special collection permanent items
    7. Library news items and services


Please forward final submissions to Sabrina Bommarito ( and CC Alfredo Lafarga ( Please allow for a 1 week processing time between the submission and the posting of the signage (provided that the signage does not violate any of the terms of use or purpose of the digital signage).  

Technical Guidelines and Specifications

The following file formats are supported:


JPEG, TIF, GIF, and PNG; preferably 1280x720 at 72dpi

Video clips:

Flash, Windows Media (ASF), Windows Media (AVI), Windows Media (MPEG), Windows Media (MPG), Windows Media (WMV) QuickTime (MOV, MP4, M4V); exported at 1280x720 (720p)


PPT slides are no longer accepted. Please save your PPT slide as an image by selecting "File" from the top PPT menu, select "Save as," select the file type you would like to save the PPT as (i.e. PNG, JPG, GIF), select the location to save the file (Desktop, e.g.), and then select "Save." You will then be prompted regarding which slides you would like to export. Select "All slides” or “Every Slide." PPT will let you know when the conversion is finished and the images will be saved to a subfolder in the location you specified. If you have a multi-page PPT, please send all JPGs of all pages and indicate the order you prefer.

Promoting Content in the BSC

We have an arrangement with ASI at the BSC to show library content on the ASI screens. For these screens, please submit content in the following format:

  • 1280px X720px as a JPG