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Mechanical Engineering

Library resources for your mechanical engineering projects and research.

SAE Publications

Mechanical Engineering students often need publications from SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). SAE publishes books, papers, and standards on automotive and aerospace engineering. Books from SAE are cataloged and can easily be found using the OneSearch. Finding standards and technical papers is a little more complicated.

SAE Standards

We have the SAE Handbook which has the SAE Ground Vehicle Standards. The 2010 edition of the Handbook is available on the CD-ROM computer in Reference on the 2nd floor. The Groud Vehicle Standards are sometimes called J-Reports as the standard numbers begin with J, for example J585 Fog Lamps. The CD-ROM is easy to search and you can print or dowload copies of the standards,

We do not have the SAE Aerospace or Aerospace Materials Standards (AMS).

You can search the SAE Standards database on the SAE website but we do not have a subscription that provides full text access.

SAE Technical Papers

SAE publishes hundreds of technical papers each year. Some are compiled into books on various topics. The Cal Poly Pomona Library does not have a current subscription to the SAE Technical Papers. We can obtain them for you however.

To find papers on your topic you can use the free search engine in the SAE Technical Papers website. Be sure to get the paper number. It will look something like this:

2004-01-3506: Aerodynamics of Race Car Liftoff

SAE paper numbers always start with the year of publication.

SAE Technical Papers 1965 - 1998

We have a large collection of SAE Technical Papers on microfiche. The subscription was canceled in 1998 and since then we have only acquired papers as needed. If you have need a paper published 1965 - 1998 you can make a copy from the microfiche. You can make a printout or save it to a flash drive. It's a little complicated so ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.

Look in the microfiche drawers for call number TL1.S6. [Where's the microfiche?] Older paper numbers will look something like this:

950556: Infrared Transparent Reflector Materials

Getting SAE Publications

If you want an SAE Paper or a standard not available in our collection, please contact the Engineering Librarian. We have a deposit account with SAE and can download the papers as needed.

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