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Learn to use our version of Pubmed to seach Medline to find medical, veterinary, sportsmedicine and nutritional articles

Using Pubchem via Pubmed

Pubchem is a useful tool of getting information on many substances that have a biological or pharmacological aspect.

From the Pubmed search screen, type in the name of the substance and change the pulldown to Pubchem Substance or Pubchem compound. type in the name of the substance and change the pulldown to Pubchem Sustances or Puchem compounds

You will then get a listing of compounds that match your search.  Due to variants in chemcial names and sturctures, you often get a very long list.  Examine them to find the entry that best matches your compound.

You can also click on the "Advanced" tab once you are in the pubchem product to narrow your search.

Click on an entry and you will be given links to more information. Below is a screenshot of the top of a page for a compund:

screenshot for a Pubchem compound page

If you are required to get journal articles, click on "Literature Links" which will take you to the part of the page that will do pubmed searches for you on various subtopics:

screenshot from Pubchem page showing literature links

After you click on one of these, you will be doing a search in pubmed.  See About Pubmed/Basic Searching for more help. Particularly important is the part about using the Find It! button to get the full text of articles.