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MEP: Engineering in Your Future

An introduction to important services and engineering resources at the Cal Poly Pomona Library.

Citing Your Work

When you write a research paper or report you need to include a bibliography or a list of the books, articles, or other publications that you used in your research.The pieces of information used to describe a specific publication are grouped together to make up a citation or a bibliographic citation.

Why you need to cite your sources:

  • Let your readers know that what you write is based on established research, that you didn't just make it up.
  • Help readers who want to retrace your steps or recreate your work.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the field and your familiarity with the professional literature.

Formatting Citations, Style Manuals

Many guides are available to help students format citations for bibliographies and notes. These guides are called STYLE MANUALS or STYLE GUIDES.

The STYLE MANUAL for this course is APA - The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

APA is very common and used by researchers in many disciplines. You can find many guides to using APA, for example:

Other style guides used in Engineering include:

Citation Generating Tools

Some of our databases have built-in citation generators that will create citations for you. Look for a box or link that says CITE or CITE THIS or something similar. These citation generators are not always 100% accurate so you should still be familiar enough with the style to catch errors.

Read More About Writing

The Library has many books on writing. Do a keyword search on technical writing or business writing to find the most useful books on writing for engineering students.

OneSearch technical writing

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