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Geology and Earth Sciences Sample E-Journals

When should you use these links?  Use these links when your instructor wants you to get a "few" articles from peer reviewed journals and you are not too particular about the subject.  In most other cases, you should be doing a database search, as described under the ARTICLES tab at the top.Geology and Earth Sciences Sample E-Journals, Current, Electronic:

Note: This is NOT a complete listing of Earth Sciences and Geology Journals

Earth Sciences

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See also Soil Science E-Journals (Agriculture)


Search the Catalog for more Seismology E-Journals


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Other Catalog Searches for E-Journals:

Warnings: Access and availability subject to change without notice.  Also, this list does not include hard copy resources in the library. Searches of the catalog performed by the links on this page may lead to E-journals that are not current. The library catalog does not tell you whether something is peer reviewed or not. You will have to determine that by using the Ulrich's database. Peer Reviewed status for the titles on this page were determined by a search of the Ulrich's unless otherwise noted.

Note: This is NOT a complete listing of Geology and Earth Sciences Journals