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American Chemical Society - ChemCenter Member services, meetings, ACS Technical Divisions and Local Sections, publications, educational resources, chemistry in the news, more. To use the ACS online journals from off-campus, you must connect from the Library's Databases menu or through the Library Catalog.

American Elements has a clickable periodic table that gives the research and uses of each of the elements, including properties, safety data and applications.

ACS Journals - Web Editions - look for "ACS Web" on the Databases list. Cal Poly Pomona students, faculty, and staff have access to the Web editions of all American Chemical Society Journals.

CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool Free search tool for figuring out obscure citations to chemical journals.

eMolecules - A Google-like chemical finding search engine. Search by name, or draw a structure.

Chemical Journal Abstracts Search citations and abstracts of articles from the top organic chemistry journals, 1980 to present. The service is free but users must join ChemWeb for access (membership is free).

NIST Virtual Library (NVL) - (chemistry) NIST's Chemistry areas of research include: chemical characterization of materials, process metrology, chemical and biochemical sensing, nanotechnology, healthcare measurements, environmental measurements, physical property data, chemical and biochemical data, bio-molecules and materials, DNA technologies, and international measurement standards.

Physical & Chemical Data, Properties, & Conversion Factors Links to various web sites providing chemical and physical data.

The PubChem Project "Free database of chemical structures of small organic molecules and information on their biological activities. Linked with NIH PubMed/Entrez information ..."

Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases Includes Ecosys (plant ecological ranges), EthnobotDB (worldwide plant uses), FoodplantDB (Native American food plants), MPNADB (medicinal plants of Native America), PhytochemDB (plant chemicals), etc.

Subject Guides & Directories "The worldwide search engine of the chemical industry."

Chemistry Resources on the Internet From Cal Poly Pomona Chemistry Department. Links to a selection of useful sites for chemists and chemistry educators.

Chemical Information Sources from Indiana University An excellent guide to chemistry information on the Internet.

Chemistry and Biochemistry From UC Santa Barbara; a huge, comprehensive list of Chemistry information sites. Includes data sources, societies, meetings, publishers, university chemistry departments, suppliers of chemicals, equipment, & software, and more.

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide "An intuitive WWW resource guide for synthetic organic chemists."