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Management and operations of hotels, restaurants, recreation, travel, and tourism. Cooking and wine.


Cook's Thesaurus An encyclopedia for foods, includes pictures, measurments, and suggestions for substitutions in recipies. See also Glossaries tab at: Worldwide and this Epicurious Food Dictionary “Search our dictionary of more than 4,000 food terms and you'll never have to eat your words.” Search window and alphabetical listing.

Emeril' Emeril Lagasse's Internet site.

Epicurious; for people who like to eat Recipes and other stuff from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.

Food Recipes from all the shows on the FoodTV Channel. Contents and sample recipes from the chefs' cook books.

Food Timeline Recipes from the earliest times. This links to the Culinary History Timeline

Food on The Table Takes a family's preferences and the sales at local grocery stores to create a customized meal plan and organized grocery list. Free registration required.

Feeding America: the Historic American Cookbook Project From Michigan State University, this site will have historic American cook books online.

Spices Exotic Flavors & Medicines From UCLA Biomedical Library, learn about spices - learn really a lot about spices (including their chemistry, uses, tastes).

Star Recipes from some 100 star chefs, with their biographies, restaurants, and cookbooks.

What's Cooking America Comprehensive: recipies, dictionary, history; Q&A, and much more!

IPL2 Recipes and Cookbooks Even more recipes, annotated sites.

Worldwide Products, recipoes, glossary, and etc..


Recipe Conversion Tables Cooking Conversion “Convert from any cooking unit to any other cooking unit.”

EquPlus Cooking Conversion Match quantity with “from” and “to” listings.