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Management and operations of hotels, restaurants, recreation, travel, and tourism. Cooking and wine.

Wine and Wineries

Restaurant Wine ®
Restaurant Wine ® is a professional wine newsletter publisher and consulting service. You can subscribe to the Restaurant Wine newsletter on-line.

Wine Institute; the Voice for California Wine
The "Wine Institute is the voice for California wine representing more than 1,000 wineries and affiliated businesses from the beautiful and diverse wine regions throughout the state." This site includes the text of the report on California Harvest and Winegrowing as well as Statistics.

Register for free. The California Wine Country! Learn (about Wine History, Tasting, and more), Explore (Regions, Wineries, Varietials), and Find (Region, Vinery, Varietal - browse thousands of California wines).

Harrington's West Coast Wine net; a wine lover's community
Wine discussions; a California emphasis.

Wine Spectator
The online version of Wine Spectator magazine.

A directory of North American appellations. Indexes by Appellation, grape, winery, and wine writer.
A comprehensive national calendar of wine and food events.

Wine LA
wineLA is about enhancing the wine culture of Los Angeles.”

The Wine Guide
A comprehensive directories of wineries.

Where to buy, what to pay. A regional search engine.

WineZap™; Find, price and Compare Wines
Search for just the right wine, including by grape variety and food pairing.

Calories and Wine (Wine Calorie Chart)
Compared with some other beverages (do you really want to know!).