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California; government, business, economy, history, culture, people.

California Elections and Propositions

Calbuzz; Political news, analysis, commentary and more about California and beyond An online newspaper about California elections and politics.

LWV League of Women Voters of California Go here for value-added information on current California elections, including propositions; initiatives, referendums, and other ballot measures. Note that we might or might not agree with their recommendations on yea or nea on candidates, measures, and etc!

California Ballot Proposition (1911 - present) From Wikipedia.

California Elections and Voter Information: Provides election and voter information for the current election. Gives information about absentee voting, campaign finance, and voter registration. Has link to new district maps.

Ballot Measures Along with the update on current initiatives, this site provides the complete Ballot Pamphlets for current and previous elections. The full text of the ballot propositions are included.

California Voter Foundation Provides access to election related resources, online voter guides from 1994 to current with propositions.