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HST 2202: United States History, 14th Amendment

This guide is in support of the 14th Amendment group project for HST 2202, United States History.

Media: DVDs

Cases in Controversy: The 14th Amendment

Covers 14 cases from 1873 to 1973. Includes full text Supreme Court opinions, extended interviews and Supreme Court Justice biographies. Summary: Using the actual Supreme Court decisions, interviews with legal educators and professionals, and historical reenactments, Cases in Controversy examines the cases that shaped an amendment: an amendment that changed life in the United States.
Contents: Strauder v. West Virginia -- Plessy v. Ferguson -- Missouri v. Canada -- Shelley v. Kraemer -- Sweatt v. Painter -- McLaurin v. Oklahoma -- Brown v. Board of education -- Griswold v. Connecticut -- Roe v. Wade

A DVD History of the U.S. Constitution

This is a 4-disc set. Go to Disc 3, Program 6 for viewing information about the 14th Amendment.

The Constitution of the United States of America

This is an older format (VHS; videocassette), but the library has viewing equipment for playback. Ask at the second floor Circulation/ Reserve Desk to check out viewing and listening equipment. Select Part 2, where you will find discussions on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution's first ten Amendments, and the remaining 17 Amendments in detail.