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Engineering Technology Research Seminar

Library resources, hints for doing research

Library Research Guides

Research Guides are available for each engineering major plus special topics like Patents and Standards. Consult the Research Guide that's most relevant to your topic. See a list of all the Engineering Research Guides.

Why Do Research?

  • Expand your understanding and knowledge of your academic field.
  • Help define your academic, career, and personal interests.
  • Establish valuable connections with faculty.
  • Gain academic experiences that help expand your resume, such as presenting at research conferences, publishing, and working with a research team.
  • Demonstrate the ability to finish a project.
  • Develop critical thinking, leadership, time management, and communication skills.
  • Explore research techniques.

Adopted from Boise State U., Why Do Research

Why Use the Library?

Why use the Library when everything is on the web for free? Well everything is not on the web and everything on the web is not free.

Your professors will expect you to use academic resources such as books and journals. Most of our journals and many of our books are now available electronically. And we have over 100 databases to help you find information for your projects and research. But most of our ejournals, ebooks, and databases can't be found with Google and other search engines.

Take advantage of the expensive resources available to you. Start your research at the Library!

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