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Finagling Photos with Flickr

Fed up with Facebook, and need a free, quick, and easy way to share images for a class project or assignment? Have hundreds (or even thousands) of digital photos that you want to preserve and organize, but don’t know where to start? Why not try Flickr?

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Preservation Resources

Use the info. here to get a handle on preserving those precious memories:

Fun Places on Flickr

Check out these neat groups, or add your own favorites in the comments:


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Why Flickr?

Flickr is a great tool for sharing images for a class project, preserving and sharing your personal digital images & video, finding free/limited restriction images for use in other projects, and much more! While there are many photo-sharing sites out there, Flickr is particularly cool because it has:

  • Robust batch-loading and metadata editing capabilities
  • Built-in photo editing tools (for the paid version)
  • An API so you can use it/mash it up with other applications and platforms
  • Easy to use licensing and sharing features
  • GeoTagging!
  • The ability to imbed more information on an image using notes (tag more than just people, yeah!)
  • Meme and trend-watching capabilities
  • A ginormous user community and pool of images & video
  • Statistics on your images, including how traffic was driven to your pics (for the paid version)
  • The Commons, which shares awesome image collections from all over the world, including The Smithsonian and The Library of Congress!
  • A partnership with Snapfish, so you can easily make stuff with your images

Add your own cool uses of Flickr in the comments below:

Ways to Use Flickr for an Assignment/Project

  • Tell a story in a series of static pictures (photoblog!), or shoot and upload a video
  • Create a Gallery as a collaborative resource for your entire class
  • Find Creative Commons-licensed images and video to use in your paper/project/presentation/webpage/etc.
  • Take your class/professor on a virtual field trip using the map!
  • Discover visual inspiration, and get those creative juices flowing
  • Build an electronic portfolio of your work for that interview or application
  • Design and share a lab/experiment, step-by-step
  • Practice a foriegn language -- name the objects in an image, create an image description, or invent a dialogue between people/things!

Other ideas? Add yours in the comments below:

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