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Introduction to Civil Engineering

Introduction to the Cal Poly Pomona Library for CE students.

Infrastructure: ASCE Resources

The ASCE website is a great place to start your infrastructure research. Under Issues & Advocacy you'll find a number of articles and documents related to infrastructure.

Infrastructure: Library Resources

For your CE122 projects you'll probably want to use OneSearch (the big search box on the Library homepage) to look for books and articles about infrastructure. As mentioned elsewhere in this guide, OneSearch won't retrieve the research articles from Compendex but you can always search Compendex directly if you need that type of article.

Hints for Selecting Keywords

It's not necessary to always use the word "infrastructure". Think of other words or terms you could use to describe your topic. A few examples:

  • water management
  • water california
  • interstate highways
  • dams
  • flood control
  • bridges *

* Note that a search on a single common word can result in a large number of irrelevant results. For example, Bridges is a common name and the word bridges is commonly used in many different contexts. If you run into this, use more specific keywords such as suspension bridges, concrete bridges, bridge corrosion, etc.

You can also search on names of specific infrastructure projects (e.g., Golden Gate Bridge) but you might not find much unless the structure is very well known.

Try different keywords and combinations of keywords until you get satisfactory results. This isn't always easy. Don't hesitate to ask a librarian for help - we have lots of experience constructing searches. Contact the Engineering Librarian.

A few books to spur your thinking about infrastructure