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Library Research Award


The University Library is sponsoring the sixth annual Library Research Award. The award recognizes excellence and creativity in the use of Cal Poly Pomona University Library resources, collections, and services.  The contest is open to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students. Bronco gift cards will be awarded in the following categories:


  • Best Undergraduate Student Project: $200
  • Best Graduate Student Project: $200
  • Best Use of Special Collections: $200
  • Honorable Mention: $50 (two awards given at judges' discretion across any of the above categories)

Please note that awards maybe subject to tax.


Eligibility Requirements:

1)  Applicant must be a currently enrolled student at Cal Poly Pomona during Spring 2022.  All majors and class levels are welcome to apply!

2)  Project must have been completed during the Spring 2021, Fall 2021, or Spring 2022 semesters.  

3)  Project must be based on research using Cal Poly Pomona University Library resources, collections, and/or services, both online and in print.

Note:  Group submissions are allowed.  Prize money will be split equally among all group members.  

Note:  All applicants agree to contribute their project to Bronco ScholarWorks, Cal Poly Pomona's institutional repository.

Application Packet Requirements

The Application Packet must include the following four components:  

1)  Application 
Your name should appear only on the Application Form. Be sure to remove your name from the reflective essay, works cited list, and project. The form can be found towards the top left side of this page under "Application Form." 

2)  Reflective Essay - 25 points 
The reflective essay must be between 500-1,000 words. Essays longer than 1,000 words will be redacted while essays shorter than 500 words will received a 5-point penalty. 

3)  Works Cited List - 10 points 
Footnotes or endnotes are not sufficient for judges to review your sources. A detailed Works Cited List is required. For questions on citing, please visit the University Library's Citation Tutorial LibGuide.

4)  Project - 15 points
There is no minimum or maximum length for the Project. 

Please see the Evaluation Criteria sections below for more details.

Evaluation Criteria - Reflective Essay (25 Points)

The Reflective Essay should be 500-1,000 words and a clear description of how you planned and pursued your research, including how you located and chose the Library resources, services, and collections you used and how those resources contributed to the development of your Project. Essays longer than 1,000 words will be redacted while essays shorter than 500 words will receive a 5-point penalty.  

Some Library resources, collections, and services include:  Books and periodicals (electronic and print), online databases, workshops, LibGuides, the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library, Special Collections and University Archives, Bronco ScholarWorks, other primary sources, chat, email, or phone reference, research consultations with librarians, specialized software available in the Library, and Interlibrary Loan. 

The Reflective Essay should detail: 

  • The formulation and path taken to articulate the research question  
  • Adjustments made to search strategies and any advanced search strategies used  
  • Specific search terms that show creativity, complexity, and/or flexibility to strengthen the search strategies (additional points may be awarded at judge's discretion for explanation of how the search terms were selected) 
  • Potential finding aids and tools appropriate to the inquiry  
  • Specific Cal Poly Pomona Library resources used (e.g., books, databases, librarian consultations, etc.) and an explanation of the criteria for their inclusion and use
  • Lessons learned from the research process and how this new understanding will affect future research (additional points may be awarded at judge's discretion for discussion of research challenges and how they were overcome)

Evaluation Criteria - Works Cited List (10 Points)

The Works Cited List will be judged on the variety and appropriateness of sources used. It should be formatted using a style guide appropriate to your Project’s discipline. See the University Library's Citation Tutorial LibGuide on citation styles for more information. 

To help the judges understand your unique set of resources, you may include an explanatory note identifying specific characteristics of these sources that were important in your selection and use for your Project.

The Works Cited List should: 

  • Include a wide range of authors and resources appropriate to the discipline and information needed  
  • Cite in a standard format, be accurate and complete with minimal errors, and include all sources that are cited in the Project

Evaluation Criteria - Project (15 Points)

The committee of judges will be evaluating the Project on how the Library resources you discovered enhanced the quality of your research and helped you learned more about your subject. 

A completed Project should:

  • Address and articulate significant questions within the discipline (additional points may be awarded at judge's discretion for a project that poses new questions related to cited research)  
  • Clearly communicate, organize, and synthesize information from sources in support of the argument or thesis and/or in a manner that support project purposes
  • Additional points may be awarded at judge's discretion for a project that involves original research data, such as conducting interviews, administering surveys, using archives, and conducting lab experiments

2021 Library Research Award Winners

1st Place - Best Undergraduate Research Project

Andrea Lopez and Juan Morales-Leon, An Initial Evaluation of Wool, Water Usage, and Economic Aspects in California Sheep Farms, Department of Apparel Merchandising and Management

2nd Place - Best Undergraduate Research Project

Ray Martinez, The Avoidance of Real-World Horrors, Department of Psychology

1st Place - Best Graduate Research Project

Irma Villanueva and Jennifer Hernandez, A Content Analysis of 3D Virtual Prototyping and Zero-Waste Design Methods in Apparel Research, Department of Apparel Merchandising and Management

2nd Place - Best Graduate Research Project

Sarah Caballero, Encapsulation and Delivery of Bioactive Citrus Pomace Polyphenols: A Review, Department of Nutrition and Food Science