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Mathematics Education

Find articles and documents in support of Mathematics Education

Education Research Complete

The Education Resaearch Complete database is a good starting point for finding articles in the more popular education journals..

Start the Education Research Complete Database


At right Advanced search page for Education Research Complete.  Here we have typed in search terms and will soon click on the "Search" button to do the search.


Note there is a filter for "Scholarly/eer Reviewed" which we could add as a restriction on our search.

If you are in a hurry to get just a few articles, there is also a filter for just the full text articles.

screen shot from Education Research Complete


Right: results screen from a search in Education Research Complete.

When there are links or icons for full text  for the article you want to read, click on that icon (as in number 9 at right)

If there is no full text link or icon, then click on the "Find It!" button.(As in number 10 at right).

screenshot from Education Research Complete
Right: when you click on a full text link or icon, you will eventually get to a copy of the article you can read on the screen (this is number 9, from the screen above). Since this is a PDF file on the web, you can print it out or save it to a storage device. screen shot from the pdf of the article

Right:  If you click on the "Find It!" button for number 10, you will get a Find It screen, which is designed to help you geat a copy of the article.  Click here to learn all the picky details of using Find It!.

screenshot from the Find It! screen