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SciFinder Scholar Web Edition Guide : Bibliographic Searching

A guide to starting up and searching this version of Chemical Abstracts

Getting Started

SciFinder registration and login page

Image of SciFinder registration and login page

Scifinder is our means of searching Chemical Abstracts, a world class database that tracks the literature of chemistry and related disciplines. Scifinder is available from our Databases Pages. You can also click on the image above or use the "Go to SciFinder" button on this guide to access it.

Please pay attention to the conditions described at the SciFinder registration and login page.

  • Due to contract requirements, you are required to use your BroncoName and BroncoPassword every time you use this product.
  • You must also register with Scifinder for an additional password.

Scifinder Help & Training Resources

Within SciFinder → click on SCIFINDER HELP → HELP. You will be taken to a CONTENTS list.

  • Click through the Contents list to find detailed and illustrated explanations.
  • Or click on SEARCH to search for explanations by keyword.

SciFinder Help in SciFinder

Find additional SciFinder training materials here -

  • Includes online tutorials and videos for Substance, Reaction, Reference, Patent, and Polymer searching.