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Library Tips

How to De-Stress

how to de-stress flyer

Ideas on How to De-Stress from Library Faculty and Staff

Angela Vega

Angela Vega
​Knowledge Consultant 


I destress by making videos! During times like these­–and by that, I mean QUARANTINE–I like to reflect on old memories by making videos. I find that visiting happy moments of my life and watching them come to life in a video is the best way for me to destress. This hobby has allowed me to explore myself creatively and shows positive effects on my mood.

Ariana Afzali

Ariana Afzali
​Assistant to the Director


I find a good binge-worthy show on my favorite streaming platform.

Brinna Pam Anan

Brinna Pam Anan
Metadata Management Librarian


I listen to music and go back to things I like to do, such as reading and artistic pursuits.

Elizabeth Hernandez

Elizabeth Hernandez
Reference & Instruction Librarian


I like de-stress by going on walks in my neighborhood (while maintaining social distancing), reading, listening to music, and journaling.

Freda Lin

Freda Lin
​Reference & Instruction Librarian


To de-stress, I’ll rest my eyes by looking outside at green plants and trees, and objects that are far away, and then revisit some familiar comic strips like Mutts and Herman.

Haley Rubia

Haley Rubia
Knowledge Consultant
I like to take about 10-30 minutes from my working schedule to just read a good book, or I take a quick nap in order to feel more refreshed when I wake up.

Isela Vega

Isela Vega
Document Delivery Coordinator
The way I de-stress every morning is I run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then I say a prayer when I sit in front of my laptop.

Jennifer Bidwell

Jennifer Bidwell
​Communication, Economics, and
Urban & Regional Planning Librarian


To de-stress, I bake homemade bread and desserts. It is so lovely to have the smell of fresh bread, cakes, and cookies in the house.

Julie Shen

Julie Shen
​Business & Computer Science Librarian


I like to run on the treadmill while listening to loud music.

Marilu Salcedo

Marilu Salcedo
​Reference & Instruction Assistant and
Thesis/Project Formatting Reviewer

I go for a walk or jog for 30 minutes during the week before I start doing homework (for me it's after work) and if necessary weekends too. Afterwards I do some stretches, meditate, take a shower, and I find a different location beside my desk to do my homework.

Nicole Barcarse

Nicole Barcarse
​Knowledge Consultant 


To de-stress, I like to play the Nintendo Switch. I also like catching up with my family and friends, going on walks, and getting drive-thru boba!

Paul Hottinger

Paul Hottinger
​Engineering Librarian


When I’m stressed out, I take a break and play video games It lets me immerse my mind into another world.

Sally Romero

Sally Romero
Librarian for Apparel, Education, Architecture, and
Landscape Architecture

I like to play Disney Emoji Blitz. I love Disney/Disneyland and the cute Disney characters make me smile. Plus, it offers a form of competitiveness that make me focus on just the game. Secondly, I like to go through my phone and look at pictures and videos. The older the better. I get a burst of energy when I find videos of my kids especially the ones where they are laughing as babies. Those are absolutely the best. Lastly, I love to go on spontaneous 3-mile runs especially when I’m super stressed out. It lets my mind just focus on my breathing and nothing else. It always surprises me how much better I feel after a run.

Shonn Haren

Shonn Haren
​Social Sciences Librarian


I go and play in the dirt. No, I’m serious. If you have dirt available, go do something with it. Dig a hole, build a sand (dirt?) castle, plant some flowers or vegetables and start a garden. But take some time and work with the earth, it can be very refreshing.

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