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Websites - Operations Management (TOM)

Business processes, production management, UPC/RFID, logistics, wholesale trade, Decision Sciences.


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Julie Shen
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Phone/Jabber: 909-869-4330
Hi! I'm the Business and Computer Science Librarian. I work with students and faculty in the College of Business Administration, the Collins College of Hospitality Management, and the Computer Science Department in the College of Science. If you need help with a research project, please use the chat button if I'm online, visit me during my virtual office hours, or email me anytime.

Fall 2020 Office Hours
beginning August 24:

Mondays & Tuesdays
Zoom link for my virtual office hours:

I look forward to talking to you!

Technology and Operations Management (TOM) -- See also TABS.. Business Process Reengineering and Business Innovation There are links to full-text articles and to other sites. Coverage includes knowledge management.

Free Management Library Operations Management A full text overview of OM, with links to more OM topics.

APICS The Association for Operations Management