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CHM 1010 - Chemistry in Our World

This guide supports the CHM 1010 class with Prof. Hirakawa

Why Use the Library?

Why use the Library when everything is on the web for free? Well, everything is not on the web, and everything on the web is not free.

Your professors will expect you to use academic resources such as books and journals. Most of our journals and many of our books are now available electronically. And we have over 100 databases to help you find information for your projects and research. But most of our ejournals, ebooks, and databases can't be found with Google and other search engines.

Take advantage of the expensive resources available to you. Start your research at the Library!

What Is a Scholarly Journal, versus a Newspaper or a Magazine?

What is a scholarly journal and how is it different from a magazine or newspaper? All three are called periodicals because they are published at periodic intervals throughout the year.

  • Newspapers are the first draft of history, but are not scholarly.
  • Magazines are good sources of information or opinions about popular culture or up-to-date information on current events.
  • Scholarly journals have collections of refereed/peer-reviewed articles written by experts in academic or professional fields.
    Such journals are excellent for finding out what has been studied or researched on a topic, and to find bibliographies that point to other relevant sources of information. Please note:  the word "journal" is not necessarily in the title of a scholarly publication.

Helpful Links

Researching Your Topic - Finding Sources

Search Strategies



Find Articles in recommended Library Databases:

Looking for Review Articles?

* * * Note * * *: Some databases will not have a filter or limiter for easily finding review articles. When that is the case, you can try adding the word "review" and searching for it in the Title or Abstract of the article. As you skim the article Titles and Abstracts, you are looking for language along the lines of:

  • "...a systematic review..."
  • "...this review article..."
  • "...we have reviewed XYZ studies exploring"
  • "...the present review will discuss..."
  • "...this review summarizes evidence..."

Additional database options

Looking for a particular Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper?

Check with OneSearch, by clicking on the JOURNAL SEARCH button in the green menu bar.

Am I looking at a scientific article?

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Citing your research

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