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ABM 3290 Equine Enterprise Management

This guide describes useful resources for Professor Holley's ABM 3290 class.


Welcome to this research guide! If you are off-campus, many of the resources featured here require that you login with your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.

OneSearch - Find Books, Articles, Journals, and more

OneSearch is the Library's search engine

With a single search you can find books, articles, and other materials on any research topic. If you have any questions, please ask us!



Helpful links:

Tips for creating advanced keyword searches

Try Boolean operators or connectors
  • AND = Fewer results. All words must be included. EXAMPLE: equine AND businesses AND California. You could also type: equine businesses California

  • OR = More results. Any one or combination of the words must be included. EXAMPLE: equine OR horse

Try a phrase search
  • Finds words that appear in the order typed between quotation marks. EXAMPLE: "breeding services"
Try a truncation search
  • Finds words that start with the letters typed before an asterisk symbol. EXAMPLE: Insemin* will find inseminate, inseminated, insemination, inseminating
Try a nested search
  • Use parentheses to separate search statements so they can be combined and performed in order. Statements inside parentheses are searched first, and the order of operations is left to right. EXAMPLE: (equine OR horse) AND "breeding services" AND (costs OR fees)
Try an index or field search
  • Find words in a particular index or field. EXAMPLE: search within the Title, Abstract, or Subject field.
  • If the search tool provides a way to search by NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), you can try one of the NAICS codes provided below.
    • 112920 - Horses and Other Equine Production (part of NAICS 112 - Animal Production)
    • 115210 - Support Activities for Animal Production (part of NAICS 115 - Support Activities for Agriculture and Forestry)

Learn more about NAICS: Find out which NAICS code your business fits into. At the US Census web site, you can search NAICS codes to see which ones include "horse" in their description. You can also explore a list of industries by NAICS code at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics web site.

Recommended library databases

ABM 3290 note on Business Plans Handbook:

Search within the series. Includes business plans for Horse riding school and Stable.

ABM 3290 note on IBISWorld:

We looked at this industry report together - "Horse & Other Equine Production in the US"

ABM 3290 note on SimplyAnalytics:

Data includes businesses and industries by location. Datasets can also be viewed in table format. The database allows 2 simultaneous users. If the maximum number of users has been reached, please wait a few minutes, and then refresh your browser. Or, give these other library databases a try: "Social Explorer" and "RAND State Statistics" (listed below).

ABM 3290 note on Gale Directory Library:

These two resources within Gale Directory Library may be particularly useful to your project:

  • Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State and Local Organizations
  • Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.

Recommended magazines

Visit the Library's PERIODICALS area on the 3rd floor to explore magazines that may be useful for your project. Below is a sample list of magazines along with their assigned Call Numbers. Use the call numbers with the titles to locate the magazines in the Periodicals area.)

  • SF277 .E67 - Equus (also available online)
  • SF277 .H73 - Horse & Rider (also available online)
  • SF277 .W52 - Western Horseman
  • SF291 .M64 - The Horse
  • SF293.T5 T45 - California Thoroughbred (also available online)
    • ABM 3290 note on California Thoroughbred: Explore their latest Industry Directory on their website (under PUBLICATIONS) to consider products, services, organizations, and marketing that can be useful to an equine enterprise. Borrow keywords to search and find similar resources in your chosen business location.
  • SF321 .U5 - Hoof Beats

ABM 3290 note on SPORTDiscus:

Several magazines of interest to the horse owner, breeder, or trainer can be viewed online in the library's SPORTDiscus database, including:

Recommended web sites

ABM 3290 note on

See's How to start and fund your own business page.

ABM 3290 note on

Explore these search results for the keywords horse plan, or these search results for the keywords agriculture plan.