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Biographies (how to find)

Find information about people; a guide to library resources for biography.

Find Books About People

Use the Library Catalog to find biographical information in books. There are several ways to search.

If the person is well known, try searching by SUBJECT. Type the last name first:

     book and media search by subject in this case obama barack

You can also use a basic keyword search. OneSearch defaults to ANY FIELD for a keyword search. Use this search if a SUBJECT search yields no results. The individual might not be the focus of a book, but one of several or many people profiled.

You can also search for books about people in various professions, ethnic groups, or other categories. Use the ANY FIELD search. And use the * (asterisk) to allow for singulars and plurals and other forms of a word. For example: biograph* will retrieve items with the words biography, biographies, or biographical. Examples:

biograph* presidents
biograph* hispanic*
biograph* scientist*
biograph* women
biograph* women athlete*
biograph* entrepreneur*

any field search with the words biograph* scientist*

Print & E-book Reference Sources for Biography

The Library has many print reference works providing biographical information. Here are just a few examples of the many available: