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Business Writing

Recommend resources to support written communication for business majors.


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This business writing guide is designed to assist you with your business writing assignments. Included in the guide are step-by-step instructions students can follow based on instructor requirements. There are selected databases and research guides that will help you gather reports and other resources to help you research your given topic. In addition there are citation/ style guides that will help you format your papers and cite your sources correctly. There are also selected books that offer tips and strategies for business writing.

Step-by-Step Business Writing Guide

Recommended Library Resources

For more Business Administration databases, click here.

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APA Citation Videos

Tutorial Quiz

Now that you've finished watching the videos, take this quiz to complete the tutorial.  You will need a score of at least 75% to pass.  A passing score will result in a certificate screen appearing, which you can screenshot to save a copy for your professor if needed.

Cite Your Sources using APA Style

CLA building, by Samantha Celera, 2008

When creating your project, remember to cite everything you did not write / create / think up on your own, including images / graphs / charts / maps / datasets you borrow from online sources. Below are some tools and websites to help you cite your sources correctly.

To learn more about the importance of academic integrity, please see

Other Citation Styles

Books available