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W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library Acquisition Project

Below is a list of titles that Special Collections and Archives is looking to acquire to be part of the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Library.

Unsolicited Donations Received


The Lame Horse (Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment), James R. Rooney, South Brunswick and New York: A.S. Barnes and Company London: Thomas Yoseloff LTD. Third printing January 1977. Hardback

Beginner’s Guide to Endurance Riding, Ann Hyland, Pelham Books, 1974. Hardback

Drinking the Wind (At the Limits of Endurance), John Tyler Thomson, Metal Rabbit Editions, Peebles, second edition 2011. Paperback

Riding Long Distance, Ann Hyland, J.A. Allen, London, second edition 1993. Hardback

The Evolution of the Endurance, Speed and Staying Power of the Racehorse, W.J. Stewart McKay, Hutchinson & Company, London. Hardback

The Pony Express in Nevada, compiled by Nevada Bureau of Land Management, published by Harrah’s, first printing 1976. 

The Western States Trail (Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA), Hal V. Hall, Western States Trail Foundation, third edition 1998. Paperback

All About Endurance Riding, Marcy Pavord. Paperback

Starting Endurance Riding, Clare Wilde. Paperback

Endurance Riding (Tips for Beginners), Cornelia Koller. Paperback

But it wasn’t the horse’s fault!, Julie Suhr, Marinera Publishing, 2012. Paperback. Signed by Author

The Great American Horse Race of 1976 (A Photographic Documentary), Curtis L. Lewis and Dennis D. Underwood, Mennonite Press, 1993. Signed by both authors. Paperback. 

One Horse One Hundred Miles One Day, Sam Savitt, Dodd, Mead & Company New York, first edition 1981. Hardback

Endurance Riding from first steps to 100 miles, Clare Wilde, Kenilworth Press GB, 1996. Hardback

Long Winding Trails (4,434,174 Miles on the Back of a Horse), Dave Secrist,Caxton Printers, first edition 2009. Signed by the author. Hardback

Long Distance Riding, Marcy Drummond, Howell Book House Inc., first edition 1987. Hardback

Tevis, From the Back of My Horse, Sharma Lynn Gaponoff, Over the Rainbow Ranch Publications, first edtion 2011. Signed by the author. Hardback

Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding, Wentworth Tellington and Linda Tellington-Jones, Doubleday, first edition 1979. Hardback

The Tevis Cup, Marnye Langer, The Lyons Press, first edition 2003. Hardback

Endurance Riding (How to Condition, Train, and Manage Your Horse for Long-Distance Competition), Ann Hyland, J.B. Lippincott Company, 1975. Hardback

Endurance Riding (From Beginning to Winning), Lew Hollander,Green Mansions inc., fifth edition 2000. Paperback

Tschiffely’s Ride (10,000 miles in the saddle from Argentina to Washington DC), Time Tschiffely, The Long Riders’ Guild Press. Paperback

Distance Riding: From Start to Finish, Virginia Weisel Johnson and Thula Johnson, Houghton Mifflin Company, first edition 1976. Hardback

Successful Endurance Riding: The Ultimate Test of Horsemanship, Patricia Ingram & Lewis Hollander, The Stephen Green Press, first edition 1981. Hardback

Long Distance Riding Explained: A Horseman’s Handbook, Rachael Kydd, Concorde Books, 1979. Hardback

Go the Distance: The complete Resource for Endurance Horses, Nancy S. Loving, Trafalgar Square, first edition 1997. Hardback

Endurance: A French Perspective, Leonard Liesens, 2011. Paperback

The Lighter Side of Endurance Riding, Angie McGhee, Type “F”, first edition 2006. Paperback. Signed by the author.

America’s Long Distance Challenge II: New Century, New Trails, and More Miles, Karen Bumgarner, 2013. Hardback. Signed by the author.

Strike a Long Trot: Legendary Horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones, Shannon Yewell Weil, Turtle Rock Press, first edition 2013. Hardback. Signed by the author.

Bud & Me: The True Adventures of the Abernathy Boys, Alta Abernathy, 1998. Harback

Ten Feet Tall, Still: The very personal 70-year odyssey of a woman who still pursues her childhood passion, Julie Suhr, Marinera Publishing, first edition 2002. Signed by the author. Hardback

The Long Way to Los Gatos, Verne R. Albright, Amigo Publications, first edition 1999. Signed by the author. Hardback

Going the Distance: A manual of Long Distance Riding, Sue Parslow, David & Charles London, first edition 1989. Hardback

America’s Long Distance Challenge: The Complete Guide to the Sport of Endurance and Competitive Riding, Karen Paulo, Dutton, first edition 1990. 2 Hardback’s. One is signed by the author.

The Complete Guide to Endurance Riding and Competition, Donna Snyder-Smith, Howell Book House. Hardback

The Endurance Horse: A world Survey of Endurance Riding from Ancient Civilization to Modern Competition, Ann Hyland, J.A. Allen Great Britain, 1998. Hardback

Endurance Start to Finish, Marcy Pavord, J.S. Allen Great Britain, 1996. Hardback

Challenging the Mountains: The Life and Times of Wendell T. Robie, Bill G. Wilson, Robie Historical Foundation, first edition 1998

The Long Ride: The Record-Setting Journey by Horse Across the American Landscape, Lucian Spataro Jr, Green Rider LLC, first edition 2011. Hardback


Equine Collectibles   Win (2016) , Sum (2017), Win (2017), Sum (2018)

Model Equestrian      Sum (2018)