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Library Resources for Graduate Students

Bronco ScholarWorks

Bronco ScholarWorks: an institutional repository. Providing sustainable and persistent access to cpp scholarship.

Overview of Bronco ScholarWorks

What is Bronco ScholarWorks?

Bronco ScholarWorks is Cal Poly Pomona's instiutional repository where faculty and students can deposit their research and final projects, articles, and theses. Because these works are produced by the Cal Poly Pomona campus they are accessible 24/7 without a log in. Think of it as an open source site that is maintained by our campus.

The types of resources you can find are:

  1. Theses
  2. Student Research
  3. Graduate Projects
  4. and much more....


What is an institutional repository?

Institutional repositories are maintained by individual institutions for the purpose of providing access to "scholarly works freely accessible on the web" (ACRL, 2020). Universities encourage their faculty and students to contribute their research for free. For more information see Scholarly Communication Toolkit: Repositories.