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Stable URLs

Faculty: providing your students with a stable URL for books, articles and electronic reserve items gives them fast access to the readings without having them come into the library. This guide talks about the nuts and bolts of constructing these URLs.


Notice: As of July 15, 2015 any URL that has in it will cease to work.  That part of the URL should be changed of

Stable URLs for Individual Articles

Warning - websites change unpredictably - many of the following instructions may be obsolete by the time you see them.

As a general rule, once you have a page for the desired article, look around for a DOI; if it doesn't have a DOI, you may have to look around for some item on the page that indicates a way to get a stable URL.  The most common term seems to be "permalink", after that, look at the provision for citing the item.

If all else fails, take the URL from the top of the browser.

Be sure to approach all of these sources from the Library Website, either from a link in the Library Catalog, or from our Database pages.

American Chemical Society (ACS web)

Get down to the article launch page, it does give the DOI on the left.  acs DOI locationAdd our DOI string ( to the front of the DOI:


 (May 13, 2015)

Cambridge Histories (Chapters and articles)

Apply Proxy authentication to DOI:
Warning: some volume or chapter level DOIs don't seem to work.  Test carefully.  Take URL from top of browser if DOI does not work.

Ebsco ( Academic Search Elite, America History and Life, CINAHL, Communication & Mass Media, ERIC, Greenfile, Historical Abstracts, Hospitality and Tourism Index, Humanities International, Millitary & Government, MLA International Bibliography, Music Index, Psycharticles, Psychinfo, Wilson Databases)

This is only useful for when the full text of the article is held on the Ebsco Site
Look on the abstract page for "Permalink" icon on the right.

 ebsco permalink link location

You then get a link you can copy and paste:

ebsco permalink


 (May 13, 2015)

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Scroll down to the bottom of the article and look for the URL beneath the "Source Ciation":

screen shot from a Gale article showing document URL

You can then copy and paste a URL. Alternatively, you can click on the link for "Bookmark" or "Cite" to get the same URL. You will have to add our proxy string to ( ).to it. 


Ethics in Management in the Encyclopedia of Business and Finance

(May 13, 2015)

Gale Directory Library (Encyclopedia of Associations, Wards Business Directory, Market Share Reporter)

Click on the "informark" link in the upper right hand corner:
informark link

You can then copy and paste a URL. You will have to add our proxy string to ( ).to it. 


"Frozen Foods" in Market Share Reporter:

(May 13, 2015)


The "Article Stable URL" is on the launch page for the article:
screenshot from JSTOR showing stable URL
 You will have to add our proxy string to ( ).to it.


(May 13, 2015)

Lexis Nexis

"Stable URLs per se do not exist for LexisNexis articles, but a search string can be constructed that will do essentially the same thing for mostLexisNexis content. To create a URL with a search string for a specific article, use the LexisNexis durable link tool

Case Example: 128 S. Ct. 2605

Authentication applied:

Article example
authentication applied:

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

When you have a single document or an "issues" page on your screen, click on the "Bookmark" link at the top of the page:opposing viewponits bookmark icon

You will then see a screen with a URL you can copy and paste:

You will have to add our proxy string to ( ).to it.


Global Warming (Issues page)

Creationism (Issues page)

Obesity Epidemic is a Myth (Single document on one page)

An example of using these links in on the Argiculture: Opposing Viewpoints guide.

(May 13, 2015)

Oxford Encyclopedias (Oxford Reference ) or Oxford English Dictionary

When you have a single article on the screen, click on the "cite" icon:Oxford Reference Cite Icon

You then get a choice of citation formats - choose APA (or Chicago):Oxford Reference APA format

and then you have a URL that you can copy and add our proxy string to ( ).  You can also click on the "Share" icon and choose twitter to get the sam URL.


Article on obesity in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

OED entry for Pythonesque

(May 13. 2015)

Oxford Music and Oxford Art,  which have engulfed Grove Music and Art

Click on the "Cite" button at the top of the article
screenshot from Oxford ART showing the "Cite" burtton and the stable URL

and then copy the URL from one of the sample citations. You will have to add our proxy string  ( ).to it.


Grove Music Article on Argentina
Grove Art Article on Argentina

(May 13, 2015)

Proquest Databases(ABI/Inform, Newspapers, etc.)

Once you have an abstract or full text page, look towards the bottom of the page for the "Document URL" field:

Proquest URL towards the bottom of the page

This URL already has Proxy authentication applied to it.

Otherwise, click on the "Cite This" link and a window will open showing a stable URL:
screen shot from Proquest Databases showing path Stable URL

You will have to add the Proxy string ( ). to it:

(May 13, 2015)

Test links

CQ Researcher report on Humanities education (pdf): taken from the top of the browser Feb 5, 2014.


CQ Researcher report on student debt (html)


taken from bluebook style citation feb 5, 2014.

CQ Researcher report on the future of publlic universities  (html)


taken from bluebook style citation feb 5, 2014.