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Art & Art History

A Guide to Articles, Books, and Websites for Art.

Quick Tips

Signing into OneSearch 

Make sure to sign-in to your library account when using OneSearch so that you can see all of the results you have access to as a CPP affiliate. Use the SIGN IN link on the top-right hand side of the page or the yellow bar above the results list.
Having trouble signing in? Try these tips:

  • Try a different browser
  • Clear your browser history
  • Delete Cal Poly Pomona cookies
  • Update your browser (are you on the most current version of your browser?)
  • Disable pop-up blocker
  • If the problem persists you can contact the library 24 hours a day (see the Get Help section on the left hand side of this page)


Starting your Search

When using OneSearch you can choose to narrow your searching scope from the from the beginning using the drop-down menu, or you can search all results and use facets on the left sidebar to refine the results that are returned. Using OneSearch you can access all of these different kinds of resources from one search box. Within the search results you can narrow by full text results, peer reviewed results, see if a book is available on the shelf, along with many other possibilities.

Image shows the One Search search box as well as the corresponding drop down menu which lists the following search scopes: everything, books and media at Calp Poly Pomona, all CSU books and media, articles, and course reserves.‚Äč


  • Everything: Searches both CSU and CPP content of all types (physical and digital items) including books, media, articles, eBooks, etc. 

  • Articles: Searches articles that are accessible online from the various databases that both the CSU and CPP subscribe to (if CPP does not have access to a specific article but another CSU does you can request the article through Document Delivery). 

  • Books & Media (CPP): Searches the physical items that are located within the CPP library. 

  • Books & Media (All CSU): Searches the physical items within the whole CSU (if CPP does not have an item you need you can request it to be delivered from CSU+)

  • Course Reserves (CPP): Searches the materials faculty have put on reserve for specific courses. 

Basic Searches

The Basic Elements of OneSearch 

When you first enter a search phrase or word into OneSearch you will see a list of results. Sometimes this list can include a few results, sometimes it  can include thousands! This depends on how specific you are with your search terminology. To the left of the search results there is a set of facets under "Tweak my results". You can use these facets to narrow down thousands of results to ones that better fit your research needs.

On the results list you will also find small clues as to what each result is, what it includes, and if you can access it online or physically. Once you click a result, the record for that item will pop up and give you even more information.

You can search for journals in the catch-all OneSearch box, or you can use the OneSearch Journal Search to find a specific journal.


Creating Search Strings in OneSearch

  • AND: searches for all of the search terms.  Using *and* in between search terms will narrow your search.  For example
    • women AND STEM  
  • OR: searches for at least one of the search terms.  Using *or* in between search terms will broaden your search. For example: 
    • women OR female 
  • Phrase searches
    • Use quotation marks (“ “) around the words that you want to searched together as a phrase. For example:
      • "Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics" 
      • "United States"
  • Wildcard searches
    • The use of the asterisk symbol (*) to create searches where there are unknown characters, multiple spellings or various endings. .  For example: 
      • latin* (retrieves "latin," "latins," "latino," "latinos," "latina," "latinas"