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BIO 1210L Foundations of Biology

More on Your Pet


1. More Primary literature:

In addition to searching Biological Abstracts, search the other databases listed on the database list particularly the one called JSTOR.

Not sure what Primary Literature means or looks like? See this library FAQ or refer to your lab handout. 

2. Free websites:


3. Library Databases and Online Books: 

(search by Genus and species, and then by Genus name by itself, and then by common name)

Map of Northern America from Grzimek's Animal Life

4. Books in the library:

See if any of the books below will help:

  • The Audubon Society encyclopedia of animal life [info]
  • Birds of North America [info]
  • Birds of North America : Western region [info]
  • Birds of the world [info]
  • The complete birds of the world [info]
  • The encyclopedia of animals : a complete visual guide [info]
  • Encyclopedia of marine mammals [info]
  • Encyclopedia of fishes [info]
  • Encyclopedia of insects [info]
  • Encyclopedia of tidepools and rocky shores [info]
  • Field guide to freshwater invertebrates of North America [info]
  • Firefly Encyclopedia of reptiles and amphibians [info]
  • Grzimek's encyclopedia of mammals [info]
  • Guide to flowering plant families [info]
  • The illustrated encyclopedia of trees [info]
  • The new encyclopedia of aquatic life [info]
  • Mammals of South America [info] [info]
  • Mammals of southern California [info]
  • Mansfeld's encyclopedia of agricultural and horticultural crops (except ornamentals) [info]
  • The Official World Wildlife Fund guide to endangered species of North America [info]
  • The Simon & Schuster encyclopedia of animals [info]
  • Turtles of the United States and Canada [info]
  • Venomous Reptiles of North America [info]
  • Walker's carnivores of the world [info]
  • Walker's mammals of the world [info]
  • World economic plants: a standard reference [info]