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This guide highlights select resources that will help you get started with research about architecture.


Venn diagrams for and, or, and not

Search Tip

Truncation Searching:

Truncation is used to shorten a keyword to its root-word level. It also finds all suffixes or endings of a word.

Use the asterisk:


Truncation symbol with this example will retrieve: history, histories, historic, historical, historian, etc. 

Mind mapping Brainstorming made simple!

Developing keywords from your research topic question is the first place to start before research. The video below will unpack how to do this task. You can use to keep all your keywords including related terms and synonyms in one place. It also can help to visually see how terms are related to others. See the example below.


Bubble map of words related to food movementbubble map of words related to design

How to develop keywords from your topic

Video by University of Houston Libraries