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FRL 3671 Corporate Finance Theory

This research guide suggests useful, high quality resources for Professor Ghazanfari's FRL3671 term project.

3 Minute Introduction to IBISWorld

IBISWorld: Dowloading Industry Reports

How to access IBISWorld

To access IBISWorld from the library home page, click on Databases.

Navigate to IBIS World under Letter I.

  • Link (requires your Bronco name and password)

How to find industry reports

There are multiple ways to search the database:

  • keyword (example: restaurant)
  • company name (example: Olive Garden)
  • NAICS code (example: 722511)

You can also browse the available reports using the menu at the top.

How to download industry reports

Once you have opened a report, use the Download icon to download a PDF or Word document of the entire report.

You can also download an Excel version of all the tables in the report.