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ERA 5900 Introduction to Graduate Studies

Reading a Call Number

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Image courtesy of Furman University Libraries

Read call numbers line by line

Read the first line in alphabetical order.

(A, AE,B, BD...PC,PD,PE,PF,PG,PH...)

Read the second line as a whole number. 

Read the third line in combination. First, read the letter alphabetically. Then, read the number as a decimal.

The last line is the publication date. Read in chronological order.

Image courtesy of Furman University Libraries

Library of Congress Classification

The Library of Congress website show casing the Library of Congress Classification outline

    Subclass L Education (General)

    Subclass LA History of education

    Subclass LB Theory and practice of education

    Subclass LC Special aspects of education

    Subclass LD Individual institutions - United States

    Subclass LE Individual institutions - America (except United States)

    Subclass LF Individual institutions - Europe

    Subclass LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands

    Subclass LH College and school magazines and papers

    Subclass LJ Student fraternities and societies, United States

    Subclass LT Textbooks