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ECE 4810 Electrical Computer Engineering Senior Project

About IEEE

IEEE calls itself "the world's largest profession association for the advancement of technology". IEEE is also a major publisher responsible for nearly one third of the technical publications in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics.

IEEE's publishing output includes nearly 200 journals and magazines, thousands of papers from the 1300+ annual conferences, plus standards and books. The Library is fortunate to have a subscription to IEEE Xplore providing access to all of this important content. Be sure to visit the IEEE Self-Paced Tutorials website to learn about all the special features in Xplore.

About IEEE Xplore

Cal Poly Pomona subscribes to the complete IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL). This collection includes publications from IET (UK's Institution of Enginereing and Technology) in addition to IEEE publications. IEEE Xplore is your gateway to the 3

million+ documents from:

  • IEEE journals, magazines, and transations (140+ publications)
  • IET journals and magazines
  • Proceedings from IEEE and IET annual conferences
  • IEEE standards

We have recently added the IEEE-Wiley eBook Library as well. Book chapters will appear in your Xplore search results or you can search the ebooks separately.

Using IEEE Xplore

IEEE provides a collection of training tutorials to help you get the most out of Xplore.


IEEE Journals

IEEE publishes over 170 journals and is one of the major publishers in your field. The terminology used by IEEE in the titles of its journals can be confusing. Many titles begin "IEEE Transactions on..." The IEEE Transactions are all peer reviewed journals. Others are actually called journals and others are called magazines.

Compared to the IEEE Transactions and Journals, articles in the IEEE Magazines are shorter, of more general interest, and contain more colorful graphics. The IEEE Magazines also publish peer reviewed articles and well as news articles and other information of interest to professionals.

You can Browse the contents of the IEEE Journals, Transactions, and Magazines in IEEE Xplore.

Other IEEE Publications

IEEE Xplore also provides access to other types of documents:

IEEE has over 1400 conferences each year. Papers from these conferences are included in Xplore. Conference proceedings from IET conferences are also included. Search or browse for IEEE Conference Publications.

Standards are documents that define the characteristics of a product, process or service, such as dimensions, safety aspects, and performance requirements. Well known IEEE standards include 802 and 802.11 (local area networks). Search or browse for IEEE Standards.

Electronic editions of books published by IEEE-Wiley. Relevant book chapters will appear in your search results. Search or browse eBooks.