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CE 5131 Construction Risk Analysis

Research Guide for CE 5131

How to search for books

Knovel - Engineering Handbooks Online

Knovel is an online collection of over 600 engineering handbooks and reference sources. Search or browse individual books or search across the entire collection. Many of the handbooks in Knovel feature interactive tables and graphs and you can export data to Excel and other programs.

Our subscription includes the civil engineering & construction materials, electrical & power engineering, mechanics & mechanical engineering subject collections. Machinery's Handbook and other popular mechanical engineering references are in the Knovel collection.

knovel search screen

Spend a few minutes with the Knovel Support Center to learn more about the product and its special features.

For best results, create your own Knovel profile. You can then easily log on from anywhere in the world, and take advantage of other features such creating your bookshelves and saving folders of information. Click My Knovel at the top of the screen. You'll be prompted to create your own username and password.



Ebook Collections

Ebooks from these collections will appear in your Library Catalog search results. You can also search or browse in the collections. Additional features in ebook collections include:

  • search full text
  • search within one book or search within the entire collection
  • bookmark, highlight, annotate sections of interest
  • find definitions, link to more information

Ebrary Academic Complete
This collection of over 100,000 ebooks includes ebooks from the Computers & IT Collection. Topics include: programming, networks, security, graphics, human-computer interaction, computer architecture, and more.

Our subscription includes the electrical and power engineering subject collection.

IEEE-Wiley eBook Library
Over 700 books from this major sci-tech publisher. Relevant book chapters will appear in your IEEE Xplore search results.

Momentum Press Ebooks
A collection of over 100 ebooks in a range of engineering disciplines – civil and environmental, mechanical, industrial, electrical, chemical engineering and materials science.

Safari Books Online
Over 6000 ebooks. Topics: programming, networks, security, business, web and desktop applications, more.

All Springer ebooks with 2015 publication dates plus ebooks from Springer book series back to 1997 (e.g., Lecture Notes in Computer Science).

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering & Computer Science
Short books, or "lectures", on a range of engineering topics including RF/microwaves, power electronics, signal processing, communications, computer graphics, more.