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CE 4810 - Civil Engineering Project


This guide highlights information and resources specifically for grad students in Civil Engineering. Use the tabs above to find the type of information you need.This guide does not repeat all the information found in the Civil Engineering Research Guide -- consult that guide for suggested databases for civil engineering research.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Important Links

Document Delivery

When you're doing graduate level research it's likely you'll need books, articles, reports, or other materials that are not in the Cal Poly Pomona Library.

Document Delivery is a service that will obtain articles, reports, dissertations, and other materials not available in this Library.

You'll have to register before using Document Delivery for the first time. Once you've registered it's very easy to submit a request. And you can usually make your request directly from the database citation. Just click the GET IT option. If we have a subscription to the journal you'll find a link to the article. If we don't have a subscription you'll find a link to Illiad (Document Delivery). When you get to Document Delivery just log in and you'll find the request form has already been filled out for you!