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COM 1100: Public Speaking

This guide includes library resources for Prof. Melanie Davis's informative speech assignment.

Useful library databases

eBooks at the Library

The library has a number of books that provide you with a pro/con perspective on an issue. OneSearch will give you tell where you can find the books on the shelf and a brief description.

Citing Your Work

For your speech, you will need to include a bibliography or a list of the books, articles, or other publications that you used for your speech. Citing your sources:

  • Lets your audience know that sources you are using are credible and based on established research, that you didn't just make it up.
  • It helps your audience know how to retrace your steps or recreate your work.
  • And it demonstrates your knowledge of your topic.

There are guides available to explain how to cite your sources in your bibliography. These guides are called STYLE MANUALS or STYLE GUIDES. Use the style manual recommended by your professor. You can also visit the Online Writing Lab published by Purdue University.

If you need data....