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Mergent Online: An Introductory Guide, including How to Download Company Financials

Learn how to access the Mergent Online database, how to download company financials and other documents for your research, and how to cite resources in this database.

3 Minute Introduction to Mergent Online with Quiz

During this video tutorial, you will have the opportunity to answer 5 multiple-choice comprehension questions. You will see your score at the end of the video.

Mergent Online: Downloading Financial Statements

Mergent Online is the library's database for 10,000+ publicly-traded companies. You can find background information on your company as well as reports and financials.

How to access Mergent Online

How to find financial statements

  • To begin, type in the COMPANY SEARCH box the name or stock symbol of the company you are researching. Notice that a drop-down menu will appear as you type.
  • After you select your company, click on the "Company Financials" tab.

How to download financial statements

  • Select the numbers of years you would like to view. You can select as few as 3 years/quarters or as many as all available years/quarters. 
  • Select the statement you need. Choose from balance sheet (default), income statement, retained earnings, cash flow, or all sections.
  • Click on the green DOWNLOAD button to save an Excel spreadsheet to your computer.