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Current Events: Russia-Ukraine War

This guide provides news, background information and sources on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.


The Russian Invasion of Ukraine is part of an ongoing pattern of aggression between those two nations, beginning with the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.  Ukraine's position as a former Soviet Republic, and a long-standing area of Russian territorial and security interest, coupled with it's own attempts to integrate with Europe through membership in NATO and the EU, make this conflict particularly complex.  This complexity is compounded by serious propaganda efforts on both the Ukrainian and Russian sides, and a sustained online disinformation campaign being waged by the Russians.  As such, the many voices you are likely to encounter on this conflict are liable to be extremely passionate, but not necessarily accurate.  When encountering news online, particularly on Social Media, where digital provenance is not always clear, please consider the following sources and tools.:

Background Information on the Conflict

News Sources

Online News Sources

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