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National Day of Mourning & Frank "Wamsutta" James

The Suppressed Speech by Frank "Wamsutta" James. 

On the 350 year anniversary of the "First Thanksgiving," Frank "Wasmutta" James (Wampanoag) was invited to speak at this "celebration" but was directed to not give the speech he intended to deliver. The United American Indians of New England (UAINE) recall the event as such,

"Three hundred fifty years after the Pilgrims began their invasion of the land of the Wampanoag, their "American" descendants planned an anniversary celebration. Still clinging to the white schoolbook myth of friendly relations between their forefathers and the Wampanoag, the anniversary planners thought it would be nice to have an Indian make an appreciative and complimentary speech at their state dinner. Frank James was asked to speak at the celebration. He accepted. The planners, however , asked to see his speech in advance of the occasion, and it turned out that Frank James' views — based on history rather than mythology — were not what the Pilgrims' descendants wanted to hear. Frank James refused to deliver a speech written by a public relations person."


To read the speech in its entirety, please click the link to the suppressed speech