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Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI) Library Orientation

This guide contains most of the topics explained during the orientation visit to the library.

Library of Congress call number system

The Library of Congress call number system is used in most university libraries in the United States. A call number system provides an "address" or location of a book on a bookshelf. The call number also is related to the subject content of the book. Call numbers appear on the spine or front cover of a book.

A    General Works
B-BJ    Philosophy, Psychology
BL-BX    Religion
C    History
D-DR    History (General), History of Europe
DS    History of Asia
DT-DX    History of Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
E-F    History of America
G    Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation
H-HJ    Social Sciences:  Economics and Business
HM-HX    Social Sciences:  Sociology and EWS
J    Political Science
K    Law
L    Education
M    Music
N    Fine Arts
P-PA    Philology, Linguistics and Classical Languages
PB-PH    Modern European Languages
PG    Russian Literature
PJ-PK    Asian and Indo-Iranian Philology and Literature
PL-PM    Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania and India
PN, PR, PS, PZ    General Literature, English and American Literature
PQ-PT    European Literature
Q    Science (General)
QA    Mathematics and Computer Science
QB    Astronomy
QC    Physics
QD    Chemistry
QE    Geology
QH-QL    Biology, Botany & Zoology
QM-QR    Human Anatomy, Physiology & Microbiology
R    Medicine
S    Agriculture
T    Technology, Engineering, and HRM
U    Military Science
V    Naval Science
Z    Bibliography, Library Science

Call number labels on books

Call number exercise

Review the call number exercise used during your visit to the library:

[used with permission from Haley Garcia, Riverside Community College, CA]