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Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI) Library Orientation

This guide contains most of the topics explained during the orientation visit to the library.

Medieval (Middle Ages) History Resources

Use the resources below to find research on the history of the Middle Ages, 5th-15th Centuries (400-1500 CE). 

Online journals:

·         Early Medieval Europe.  

·         Journal of Medieval History. 

·         Medieval Archaeology. 

·         Vivarium. 


Journal article databases:

·         Cambridge Histories Online

·         JSTOR

·         Oxford Journals

·         Project Muse


Print books: 6th Floor of the Library

Call number range D111 through D203


Wikipedia article on the Middle Ages

This article provides a good summary and overview of the Middle Ages. Scroll to the end of the article for references, further reading, and external links. See especially the section “The Middle Ages Outside Europe” for topics on the Golden Age of Islam, Turco-Mongols, the Middle Kingdoms of India, Medieval China, Feudal Japan, Goreyo in Korea, the Khmer Empire, and the Sahelian Kingdoms in Africa.