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IGE 1100 Consciousness and Community

How to Find Books

OneSearch allows you to search for books, articles, and media on your topic from all CSU campuses. 

Use the following search box to narrow your search to "Books & Media" at Cal Poly Pomona.

Library of Congress Classification

Search Strategies

Sometimes coming up with good search terms can be the hardest part about finding books. Most students start searching for the name of their specific site, which makes sense and you can usually come up with at least one or two books this way. However, if you don't go beyond a specific search for your site name, you'll miss out on all of the books that don't have your site name in places like the book's title but that nevertheless have sections or chapters that focus on your site. To find these kinds of sources, you need to use broader search terms. Think about where your site is located, what kinds of artifacts were found there, and the time period that the site was constructed.

Here are a few examples of broader search strategies: